Madame Laveau's Gris-Gris Bag

This is the talisman of personal protection created by the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans herself. It is a small, red velvet bag filled with bits of bone, herbs, blood, and other unknown ingredients that has been hexed by Laveau to give her protection from the spirits.


The gris-gris bag is powerful magic against the Manitou. Whenever the huckster suffers backlash, they can draw again from the Action Deck. If they draw a red card, they can avoid the backlash effects—this time.


Voodoo Is highly linked to the Reckoners and to the Manitou. If the Queen of Spades is drawn during a hex, have a Test of Wills against a Manitou. If successful, carry on. If not, the Manitou takes over for 2d6 hours.

Madame Laveau's Gris-Gris Bag

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