Cedar City, Nevada

The small community of Cedar City, Nevada lies just 30 miles north of Fort 51 in southern Nevada on a military-only spur of the Denver-Pacific rail line.

There are about 45 people from outside the military and scientific ranks working at the fort. Most of them are Cedar City residents brought in by train. They perform the necessary menial jobs including laboring in the assembly and power plants. A few civilians are assigned to kitchen duty or assist the blacksmith in the fort’s stables. After a few years of solid service, some of the most trusted citizens are allowed to work in the highly-secretive laboratories assisting the staff scientists. A few even become gifted apprentices and actively add to the program. The civilian workers are paid well, treated well, and must swear an oath of allegiance to the United States not to divulge anything about the fort to the outside world. This goes for coal tenders and outhouse cleaners as well as those working on top-secret weaponry. The administrators of Fort 51 know that little details, such as when the watches are changed, can be as deadly to the soldiers and scientists as the designs for their latest device. Those who violate this trust are subject to life imprisonment, or for true espionage, death. Needless to say, people working at Fort 51 don’t bring it up in conversations much.

The city itself is small, but well-tended and pleasant.


Lucy's is a full-service restaurant in downtown Cedar City. It has a robust menu, executed with excellence. It is the place to take your beloved when courting on a Friday night.

Train Depot

This depot manages the train that runs every hour-and-a-half or so to and from Fort 51, as well as supply trains down the spur from the main Denver-Pacific line.

Cedar City, Nevada

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