Test of Wills

Bluff, overawe, and ridicule are tests of will that can be used to break a opponent's nerve or concentration. Persuasion is also a test of wills, but it is not used in combat.

A test of wills is an opposed roll versus one of the target's Aptitudes. If the test is being made against a group, use the leader's Aptitude.

Initiating a test of wills is an action. Resisting one is not and is done automatically.

Tests of will can have additional effects besides getting the bad guys to do what you want. The number of successes and raises determines the effect of the test of wills.

Test Aptitude Opposed Aptitude
Bluff Scrutinize
Overawe Guts
Ridicule Ridicule
Successes Effect
1 Unnerved
2 Distracted
3 Broken


Your characters stern gaze or cruel taunt angers or upsets your opponent. The target suffers a -4 to her next action. This includes any "passvie'" defense Aptitudes like fightin' or resisting further tests of will.


The target is totally distracted by your hero's jibe, trick, or surly stare. The target is unnerved and in addition loses his highest Action Card. Is she's got a cheat card up her sleeve, she loses that instead.


You've broken the bad guy's will—for the moment at least. He's unnerved and distracted and you get to draw a Fate Chip from the pot.

Test of Wills

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