Zebedee Duvane

Leader of a Miner Cult



D 3d6; N 3d8; Q 3d8; St 3d8; V 3d8
C 3d8; K 3d6; M 3d10; Sm 3d8; Sp 3d8


Scrutinize 3d8 Search 3d8 Shootin’:Shotgun 3d6
Throwin’:Unfocused 3d6 Academia: Occult 2d6 Demolition 2d6
Language:Latin 2d6 Trade:Mining 2d6 Leadership 2d10
Overawe 3d10 Persuasion 3d10 Performin’:Speechifyin’ 3d10
Climbin’ 3d8 Fightin’:Brawlin’, Knife 3d8 Sneak 2d8
Teamster 2d8 Bluff 3d8 Survival:Desert 3d8
Faith 3d8 Guts 2d8

Derived Traits

Pace 8 Size 6 Wind 14 Hits 30

Hindrances & Edges

Loco (Twitchy)


Pick axe
Ritual knife (silver)
Shotgun (double-barrel)

Black Magic

Stun Lvl 3 Vigor vs. 7; 1 hour
Dark Protection Lvl 2 Armor 2

Zebedee Duvane comes from a long line of the faithful. The problem is, the faith is devoted to Thrastokoth the Argent Flame, an ancient demon. He and a handful of other followers have followed the silver mines west in search of a secluded area to worship in the silver-rich mines of Nevada, silver being a sacred metal to the demon. He and his followers have established a camp outside of Paiute Springs and have laid claim to a small strip in the Spring Mountains where they go to mine and to worship in seclusion.

The faithful in Paiute Springs were successful in summoning forth the shadow of their patron demon with the sacrificial death of one of their own, one Nevil Strand. They were able to pawn that death off as a fall down a mine shaft, but now they need a virgin sacrifice to complete the ritual and bring forth their patron fully into this world. Fortunately, there are several spinsters in town who fit the bill…

After trying to capture Imogene Crane for their nefarious purposes, Geraldine Keeler and Roland Dupre got involved and thwarted the cult in their purposes. They even managed to nearly kill Geraldine and sacrifice her to their patron, but she managed to fight off the shade of Thrastokoth with a pick axe and dissipate it—for now.

Now Zebedee and several of his remaining followers are heading out of Lincoln County and up to Virginia City to serve out 20 and 30 year sentences for attempted murder and kidnapping.

Zebedee Duvane

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