Virginia "Ginny" Hickson

Wichita Witch



D:3d8 N:2d6 S:2d6 Q:2d8 V:2d8
C:2d8, K:2d6, M:2d12, Sm: 3d6, Sp: 2d8

Derived Traits

Pace 6; Size 6; Wind 16


Shootin’: pistol 3d8 shootin’: rifle 2d8 dodge 2d6
horse ridin’ 3d6 sneak 4d6 fightin’: knife 3d6
quick draw 3d8 sleight o’ hand 4d8 Scrutinize 3d8
persuasion 4d12 guts 3d8 faith:black magic 4d8

Hindrances & Edges

Vengeful Purty
Loyal: Mina Devlin The Voice (soothing)

Black Magic

Pact 4 (amulet); Puppet 3 (kiss)


Ginny carries a pepperbox (8 shots, 2d4) and a small knife. She also has 2 perfume bottles filled with poison. She’s immune, so she can drink it, put it on her lips, etc. Anyone who gets a few drops in his system must make an Incredible (11) Vigor roll. If failed, the victim dies instantly. If made, the cowpoke becomes violently ill and suffers a –4 penalty to all Trait and skill rolls made for 1d8 hours.

Ginny’s Amulet

The ghost-rock amulet has been given a gold coating to disguise it. It allows Ginny to communicate with the creature via a mental link. She must concentrate to do this. In addition to giving her control over the rock devil, the amulet lets her cast the pact black-magic spell.


Ginny is a member of the Wichita Witches and is part of their plan to take Fort Clark. She is posing as the wife of an officer at Fort 51.

It is clear that she had something to do with the summoning of the bizarre “rock creature” that terrorized the fort and murdered Private Steen, Corporal Whitetail, and Bud Robbins. It is suspected she may have had something to do with the Devil Bat attack that occurred on the train leading up to the derailment prior to the infiltration by other Wichita Witches.

She also gave the camp food poisoning.

She is currently being held by Union troops and is en route to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Virginia "Ginny" Hickson

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