Thrastokoth the Argent Flame

Shadow of a Demon



Corporeal: D:3d6, N:4d8, Q:3d8, S:5d12,V:4d10
Mental: C:3d6, K:2d6, M:3d10, Sm:2d8,Sp:2d8


Dodge 3d8 Fightin’: brawlin’ 5d8, Sneak 3d8
Academia: occult 2d6 Overawe 5d10 Ridicule 4d8
Scrutinize 3d6 Language: Latin: 3d6

Derived Traits

Pace: 8 Size: 10 Wind: — Terror: 9

Special Abilities

Armor: 1

Damage: [Shadow Form Only] Shadow Swipe (SPR—“Cold”); [Physical Form Only] Bite (STR+poison), claws (STR +1d8)


Immunity: Normal Attacks: The demon takes only half damage from all normal weapons.

Poison: [Physical Form Only] Hard (9) TN. Success means the victim suffers an additional 1d6 damage to the affected location. On a failure he takes 2d8 damage to the affected location and 2d8 damage to the guts on the beginning of the next round as the acidic poison moves through the victim’s system.

Weaknesses: Silver weapons do normal damage to demons—but not to the Argent Flame. Holy water splashed on them does 2d6 damage to the affected location. Contact with any consecrated item does 2d6 damage per round. Demons suffer –4 to all Trait and Aptitude rolls on holy (sanctified) ground. Exorcism destroys them.


This abomination stands about 9 1/2’ tall and is very broad shouldered. Its skin is usually a deep, almost blackish, red and its eyes are silver pools of flame. It has a gaping maw filled with shark-like teeth that drip a mercurial venom. Its arms reaches to its knees and end in three-fingered claws, each the size of a child’s forearm. Its legs have a scaly covering, while its feet end in three-toed claws.


Thrastokoth is an ancient demon with an equally ancient following. The Duvane family have followed the demon since before they came over from Europe. They continued the practice when they came to America. He holds the metal silver holy and, like most demons, venerates mayhem and fear and blood.

Much of the actual following of Thrastokoth has been theoretical for the Duvanes, as they have only had part of the Argent Scroll, a ancient scroll that details the ritual used to summon the dark being from the Great Beyond. However, when Zebedee Duvane came to Nevada, he met a mysterious stranger who gave him the missing pages of the scroll, allowing him to complete the ritual. He came to Paiute Springs to complete his “holy” mission and bring forth Thrastokoth from the Great Beyond.

The demon came forth in shadow form with the death of Nevil Strand, one of the faithful. Then they were to bring him forth completely with a virgin sacrifice. They failed in that regard—thwarted by the spinster Geraldine Keeler and her companion, Roland Dupre. Geraldine even managed to send the shadow form of the Argent Flame back to the Great Beyond. Should the shadow-demon ever return to this world, it will want revenge on the woman who thwarted his return.

Thrastokoth the Argent Flame

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