Theodore Stranghoener

Detestable Mad Scientist



D 2d8; N 2d6; Q 2d4; St 2d6; V 2d6
C 3d12; K 3d10; M 2d6; Sm 3d10; Sp 2d6


Scrutinize 3d12 Search 2d12 Academia:History, Literature 3d10
Language: English 2d10; German 3d10; Latin 2d10 Medicine:General, Surgery 3d10 Science:Chemistry 5d10
Science:Engineering 3d10 Overawe 2d6 Persuasion 2d6
Bluff 2d10 Tinkerin 4d10

Derived Traits

Pace: 6 Size: 6 Wind: 12

Hindrances & Edges

Curious Arcane Background: Mad Scientist
Ferner Friends in High Places
High-Falutin’ Mechanically Inclined
Obligation (Fort 51)

Dr. Theodore Stranghoener is a German immigrant scientist recruited by the Union army to work in the Fort 51 research facility. He was the lead scientist tapped to study the JD-76 device acquired from Miss Geraldine Keeler of Paiute Springs, Nevada. The JD-76 project was renamed “Subject 2783” for the purposes of Union records.

Dr. Stranghoener is raging sexist, elitist, and all-around ass. He also lacks an ounce of compassion for the personality trapped in the brain that is “Subject 2783.” He dehumanizes “the device” and uses electric shocks to try and motivate the device into compliance with the Union’s wishes—which is information on its core mission, its last mission, and any other Confederate intelligence it can divulge.

He was removed from the project due to lack of progress, despite his efforts, and replaced with Miss Geraldine Keeler of Paiute Springs at the behest of Captain Lucius Dalworthington, who felt that her rapport with the subject the past could be utilized now to greater effect.

Dr. Stranghoener refused to cooperate with Geraldine in her efforts and even provided her a “sanitized” version of his project notes with which to work—notes which were incomplete and served mainly to paint himself in a favorable light while painting “Subject 2783” as a psychotic. His actual notebook was later found by Miss Keeler, translated from his native German, and presented to “Mr. Eddington,” the overseer of research and development for the facility.

At this time, Dr. Stranghoener still resides at Fort 51 as a resident scientist.

Theodore Stranghoener

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