The Man in Black

A Force of the Reckoning


“The man in black travels with your soul in his pocket…” — Stephen King, The Gunslinger

The Man in Black is a imposing figure, dressed all in black with broad-brimmed hat shadowing his features. If anyone has seen the face of the Man in Black, no one has come forth to tell the tale. His voice is soft, but thick with menace and the promise of pain. His smile, rarely seen, is a skull’s smile, hollow and mirthless.


No one knows who the Man in Black is. He’s been seen at various points in the Weird West, usually right before the trouble starts. Then he fades away like a malignant mist. His motivations are his own and shared with no one—but all agree that they are malevolent in nature.

The Man in Black attempted an assault on the town of Paiute Springs on the night of December 15, 1876. His minions, specters and the walking dead, where all slaughtered and he himself was killed by Lionel Putnam during a shootout on Main Street with Putnam and Geraldine Keeler.

The Man in Black

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