Simone Moreau

Mysterious Woman From New Orleans



D 2d12; N 3d10; Q 3d10; St 2d4; V 3d6
C 2d10; K 2d8; M 2d12; Sm 3d10; Sp 3d12


Arts:Sketchin’ 2d10 Scrutinize 3d10 Search 2d10
Academia: Occult 3d8 Area Knowledge: NOLA 4d10 Language: English 2d8
French 3d8 Spanish 2d8 Medicine: General 2d8
Leadership 3d12 Overawe 3d12 Performin’:Singing 2d12
Performin’:Piano 2d12 Persuasion 3d12 Tale Tellin’ 3d12
Bluff 3d10 Streetwise 3d10 Faith 3d12
Guts 3d12 Sleight o’Hand 3d12 Shootin’: Pistol 2d12
Dodge 3d10 Fightin’:Knife 2d10 Sneak 3d10
Swimmin’ 3d10 Throwin’: Unbalanced 3d12

Derived Traits

Pace: 10 Size: 6 Wind: 18

Hindrances & Edges

Curious Arcane Background: Voodoo Queen
Loco (Phobia: rats) Purty
Night Terrors “The Voice” (Persuasive)


Derringer (.44)


Bolts o’ Doom lvl 3
Cloak o’ Evil lvl 3
Curse lvl 3
Forewarnin’ lvl 2
Puppet lvl 2
Transformation lvl 3
Zombie lvl 4

Miss Simone Moreau is one of the Voodoo Queen Madame Marie Laveau’s most devoted followers. A practitioner in her own right, she hopes to bring her name forward as a likely successor to Madame Laveau.

She’s been tracking Roland since he left New Orleans. He gave her the slip in the wilds of Texas, but she used her magic to track him down. Now she and her “associates” have arrived in Paiute Springs to collect what’s due to the Queen.

Simone Moreau

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