Sgt. Ryan McElroy

Sergeant at Fort Clark



Rifle 4d6/4d8


Dodge 2d6
Brawlin’ 4


McElroy has been serving in the US Cavalry since before the beginning of the Civil War. He’s a big strapping Irishman, equally fond of a good drink or a good brawl.

He originally built a still to supplement the one-drink limit at the trading post, but he ended up with more whiskey than even he could drink. He decided to sell some to the local Indians so he could stash the money away for his upcoming retirement. This was until the late Corporal Whitetail turned him in to Colonel McNerlin. He held a grudge against the big Indian after that, which cast suspicion on him when Whitetail turned up dead. However, it was later revealed that Whitetail was most likely killed by what can only be described as a “rock creature.”

Sgt. Ryan McElroy

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