Rancid Rob Ivery

Miner and Layabout


Shotgun 3d6+ (4d6)/2d6+(4d6) Pick 3d8/3d8+2d6

Dodge 2d8
Brawlin’ 3


Ivery is a wildcat miner who drifted into the area and stayed. The term “miner” is used in its loosest sense. Ivery is too lazy to make a living at it. He prospects until he hits a likely looking silver vein and does just enough to have legal claim to it. Then he sells the claim to the first yahoo who happens along. Once he runs through his money drinking at the fort, he goes out and does it again.

Ivery wants to make Mandy Graves the next Mrs. Rancid (a nickname he gained from his habit of slicking his hair down with lard). He carries a double-barreled shotgun and a pick.

Rancid Rob Ivery

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