Private Elbert Steen

Talkative Private at Fort Clark


Rifle 3d6/4d8
Knife 2d6/3d6+1d6

Dodge 2d6


Steen is a good-natured boy from Nebraska who just can’t seem to get a break. He joined the Army to see the world and got sent to Fort Clark. On his first patrol, he slipped and gave away the patrol’s position. The bandits the group was tracking opened fire, and one of the patrol’s scouts, Bud Robbins, was badly wounded.

Steen is a friendly, talkative sort and curious beyond belief. This has gotten him into trouble a number of times (people mistakenly believe he’s a Pinkerton), but he still hasn’t learned to keep to himself.

Steen was murdered by the strange “rock creature” that ran rampant in the camp recently.

Private Elbert Steen

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