Pat Collins




D 2d8; N 3d8; St 3d8; Q 2d6; V 3d8
C 2d6; K 2d8; Sm 2d8; M 3d8; Sp 3d8

Pace: 8; Size: 6; Wind: 16


Scrutinize 3d6 Search 3d6 Medicine:General 3d8
Medicine: Surgery 4d8 Professional:Undertaker 4d8 Persuasion 3d8
Teamster 4d8 Science: Chemistry 2d8 Science: Biology 2d8
Trade: Carpentry 3d8 Guts 2d8 Fightin’:Brawlin’ 3d8

Hindrances & Edges

Hankerin’ (booze) Luck of the Irish


Measuring tape
Notebook and pencil
Fancy suit
Flask w/ whiskey


Pat Collins, and his brother Jim, hail from Chicago where they learned the trade of undertaking from their father. Now they’ve come out West to ply their trade. Pat has a temper and is a mean drunk, but his brother mostly keeps him out of trouble.

Pat has since been exposed as a cultist devoted to Baphomet. He has left town.


Pat Collins

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