Mr. Eddington

Overseer of Research and Development at Fort 51



D:2d6, N:3d8, Q:3d6, S:2d6, V:3d8
C:3d10, K:5d12, M:3d10, Sm:4d12, Sp:3d8


Drivin’:steam wagon 4d8 shootin’:pistol 1d6 Guts 3d8
demolition 3d10 search 4d10 science: biology/chemistry/ engineering 6d12
scroungin’ 3d12 scrutinize 2d10 search 3d10
tinkerin’ 6d12

Derived Traits

Pace: 6 Size: 6 Wind: 16

Hindrances & Edges

Tinhorn Arcane background: Mad Scientist
Curious Friends in high places 5
Mechanically Inclined 4


“Eddington” has access to any lab apparatus and ghost rock in Fort 51. For protection he carries a Derringer in his waistcoat.


The shadowy “Mr. Eddington” is entrusted by the Union as research and development overseer. All scientists at Fort 51 and all projects are personally reviewed by “Mr. Eddington,” who rarely speaks and who works privately in his study. The scientists revere him, but the military men don’t know much about him. It’s said his appointment to Fort 51 was made by President Grant himself.

“Mr. Eddington” is an efficient organizer and accomplished inventor in his own right. Since his arrival at Fort 51 in early 1876, production has increased tenfold, and even branched out from war machines to flying machines and even communications.

Only a core group of researchers and Lieutenant Colonel Kyle know who the mysterious scientist is. He has taken steps not to reveal his identity, which explains his avoidance in casual conversations. By concealing his true name, Eddington protects his family and business Back East. The government encouraged the cover up, and created the Eddington alias to give him a sense of anonymity.

With his background as an accomplished scientist and gifted inventor, Mr. Eddington wants to lurk in the background, for good reason.

Mr. Eddington

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