Lucius Dalworthington

Union Agent



Corporeal Mental
D 3d8 C 3d12
N 3d6 K 3d8
Q 4d8 M 4d10
St 3d6 Sm 3d10
V 3d6 Sp 1d6


Filchin’ 3d8 Lockpickin’ 3d8 Shootin’:Pistol, Rifles, Carbines 3d8
Climbin’ 2d6 Horse ridin’ 2d6 Sneak 5d6
Swimmin’ 1d6 Fightin’:Brawlin’, Knife 4d6 Quick Draw 2d8
Scrutinize 4d12 Search 4d12 Sleight o’ Hand 4d8
Area Knowledge 2d8 Demolition 3d8 Disguise 4d8
Science:General 3d8 Overawe 3d10 Performin’:Acting 2d10
Persuasion 3d10 Bluff 4d10 Gamblin’ 2d10
Scroungin’ 2d10 Tinkerin’ 2d10 Guts 2d6

Derived Traits

Pace 6 Size 6 Wind 12

Hindrances & Edges

Ailin’ Dinero 3
Enemy (Confederacy) Veteran o’ the Weird West*
Obligation (Union)

*Infected: Unhealing wound (Ailin’)


Army pistol (.44)


Captain Lucius Dalworthington is a special Intelligence agent of the Union army operating out of Fort 51 in southern Nevada. He has extensive experience in covert operations and in operations dealing in scientific endeavors. He has crossed swords numerous times with the Confederate agent Josephine Devereaux.

Lucius Dalworthington

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