Lt. Steven Atwell

Aide de Camp for Lt. Colonel Jay Kyle at Fort 51



D 3d8; N 3d8; Q 3d6; St 3d8; V 3d10
C 3d8; K 3d6; M 3d12; Sm 3d10; Sp 3d6


Artillery 3d8 Scrutinize 4d8 Search 3d8
Trackin’ 3d8 Shootin’: Pistols, Carbines 3d8 Academia: History 2d6
Demolition 3d6 Disguise 2d6 Professional:Soldier 3d6
Overawe 2d10 Persuasion 4d10 Climbin’ 3d8
Dodge 2d8 Drivin’:Steam Wagon 2d8 Fightin’:Brawlin, Knife 4d8
Horse Ridin’ 3d8 Sneak 4d8 Teamster 2d8
Swimmin’ 2d8 Bluff 4d10 Streetwise 3d10
Survival:Desert 3d10 Guts 2d6

Derived Traits

Pace: 8 Size: 6 Wind: 16

Hindrances & Edges

Obligation (REDACTED) Brave
Obligation (REDACTED) Rank 3


Army Pistol (3d6); Knife (1/STRd4); Fort 51 Credentials

Lt. Steven Atwell is the aide de camp for Lt. Colonel Jay Kyle at Fort 51. He is reliable, solicitous, gentlemanly, and cordial. He is an effective officer and stalwart soldier.

He is also somehow implicated in an incident in which Miss Geraldine Keeler was assaulted by a Confederate spy in Cedar City, the small community that has built up near the fort.

He has shown a “more than professional” interest in Miss Keeler, but so far, nothing has been proven to show he is dangerous. However, Geraldine believes that he purposefully lost track of her shortly before her incident in Cedar City.

Lt. Steven Atwell

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