Lt. Lester Goree

Wronged Officer at Fort Clark



Pistol 3d6/3d6
Saber 3d8/3d6+2d8


Dodge 3d6
Saber 3


Goree is a soft-spoken, easy-going young man. He tries hard to hide his Louisiana accent, but it occasionally slips. He’s originally from New Orleans, but he is 100% loyal to the U.S. of A.

Despite his laid-back manner, he is an excellent officer with a promising career—if he can convince of Col. McNerlin of this. Col. McNerlin believed that Goree had taken advantage of his daughter, Maureen, while she was at the fort. This is untrue, but he has been unsuccessful in dissuading the colonel of the notion.

Lt. Goree died in the recent action against the “Wichita Witches.”

Lt. Lester Goree

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