Lt. Colonel Jay Kyle

Commanding Officer of Fort 51



D:2d12, N:2d12, S:4d8, Q:4d6, V:2d8
C:3d8, K:3d8, M:4d10, Sm:2d8, Sp:3d10


Climbin’ 2d12 horse ridin’ 2d12 fightin’:brawlin’ 3d12
flight: rocket pack 5d12 shootin’: pistol, rifle 4d12 sneak 3d6
Artillery 3d8 guts 3d10 leadership 2d10
overawe 3d10 search 3d8

Derived Traits

Pace: 12 Size: 6 Wind: 18

Hindrances & Edges

Intolerance (Confederates) Rank 3
Law o’ the West Friends in High Places 3
Loyal Dinero 4


Colt Peacemaker


Lieutenant Colonel Kyle is a muscular man with wavy dark hair, a sun-bronzed, face, and an intense look in his eyes. He’s quite a taleteller as well, and has been known to entertain the entire post with his tall tales.

Kyle, the son of a wealthy Maryland family, graduated West Point in 1859. He spent the pre-War years Back East, where he met his wife Amy, the daughter of a prominent Virginia family. The sundering of the Union created a hard choice for him because of pressure from his in-laws. Despite these demands, however, he was a true Marylander and sided with the Union. Because of his background, however, Kyle faced prejudice from other officers, and was sent to the Frontier in a variety of minor postings. It was one such posting, at Fort Leavenworth, that brought him to the attention of Colonel Grierson and the command of the 10th.

His capture of Fort Apache, the creation of the Flying Buffaloes, and his raid on Roswell earned this innovative officer a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel in early 1876. Despite his wife’s protests, Kyle has turned down an offer to head up a new War Department Division in Washington, preferring to remain with his beloved 10th Cavalry.

His dedication to the Union is steadfast, and Kyle will defend Fort 51 to the last man if necessary. He knows the research done within these walls is sensitive and must not leak into the wrong hands. All intruders are perceived as a threat and are either incarcerated at the Fort’s stockade or shot on sight.

Lt. Colonel Jay Kyle

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