Lorelei Parish

Land Assessor's Clerk



Corporeal Mental
Deftness 3d4 Cognition 3d8
Nimbleness 3d6 Knowledge 3d8
Strength 3d4 Mien 3d6
Quickness 3d6 Smarts 3d6
Vigor 3d4 Spirit 3d4


Academia: History 2d8 Language: Spanish 3d8 Trade: Clerk 4d8
Academia: Geography 3d8 Area Knowledge: 5d8

Hindrances & Edges

Hindrances Edges
Dinero 1

Derived Traits

Pace: 6 Size: 6 Wind: 8

Shootin’ Irons & Such

Weapon Shots Speed ROF Range Damage

Hand-to-Hand Weapons

Weapon Defense Speed Damage
Fist 1 STR


Dime Novel


Lorelei is the clerk for the Land Assessor’s office, located on the second floor of the Braun building on Swan street. She is an extremely competent clerk, having worked hard in college classes back East before heading West. She lives in a small house on Church Street. She’s a big fan of dime novels and often reads them on her lunch breaks.

Lorelei Parish

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