John Paul "J. P." Jefferson

Mayor of Paiute Springs



Corporeal Mental
Deftness 3d6 Cognition 3d6
Nimbleness 3d6 Knowledge 3d4
Strength 3d8 Mien 3d10
Quickness 3d4 Smarts 3d8
Vigor 3d10 Spirit 3d4


Scrutinize 3d6
Profession: politics 4d4
Leadership: 3d10
Overawe 3d10
Persuasion: 3d10
Bluff 3d8
Guts 3d4

Hindrances & Edges

Hindrances Edges
Obligation 3 Dinero 4
Big ’Un 1

Derived Traits

Pace: 6
Size: 7
Wind: 14

Shootin’ Irons & Such

Weapon Shots Speed ROF Range Damage

Hand-to-Hand Weapons

Weapon Defense Speed Damage
Fist 1 STR


Gold Watch
Walking Cane


J.P. Jefferson is the Mayor of Paiute Springs and the proprietor of the Prince Royal Arms Hotel.

J.P. Jefferson is a rich man and a popular one. His gregarious personality and generous nature has made him a good friend to have in Paiute Springs and has carried him to office in the past five elections. He is a portly man and often ambles about with a walking stick. His sister, Minerva, is married to Reverend Gage.

John Paul "J. P." Jefferson

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