Jim Collins




D 2d6; N 3d6; St 3d6; Q 2d8; V 3d8
C 2d8; K 2d10; Sm 2d10; M 3d10; Sp 3d8

Pace: 6; Size: 6; Wind: 16


Scrutinize 3d8 Search 3d8 Medicine:General 3d10
Medicine: Surgery 4d10 Professional:Undertaker 4d10 Persuasion 3d10
Teamster 4d6 Science: Chemistry 2d10 Science: Biology 2d10
Trade: Carpentry 3d10 Guts 2d8

Hindrances & Edges

Curious Level-Headed


Measuring tape
Notebook and pencil
Fancy suit


Jim, and his brother Patrick, both hail from Chicago, where they learned the trade of undertaking from their father. They have both come out West to make a living together, having run from some trouble that neither one of them want to talk about…

They have hung up their shingle on Church Street in Paiute Springs, not far from the local cemetery.


Jim Collins

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