James McNerlin

Colonel, Commanding Officer, Fort Clark



D:3d6 N:2d8 S:3d6 Q:3d6 V:2d8
C:3d8, K:2d8, M:4d6, Sm:3d8, Sp: 2d8

Derived Traits

Pace 8; Size 6; Wind 16


Shootin’: pistol 3d6 shootin’: rifle 4d6 dodge 3d6
horse ridin’ 3d8 sneak 2d6 fightin’: saber 3d8
Artillery 4d8 scrutinize 4d8 search 3d8
leadership 4d6 overawe 3d6 persuasion 3d6
faith 2d8 guts 3d8

Hindrances & Edges

Vengeful Rank
Self-Righteous Level-Headed


A .45 Army revolver (2d6) and a cavalry saber.


McNerlin is a career officer who has served since the beginning of the war. He is a strict, no nonsense, by-the-book type.

During the most recent conflict at the fort, in which a band of “Wichita Witches” from the Black River rail line had aligned themselves with the Confederates and his own scientist, he had proven to be an able commander, though with a blind spot as far as his own prejudice against a certain Lt. Goree. Goree was killed in that action, though not due to any actions or inaction on the part of McNerlin.

James McNerlin

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