Imogene Crane

Schoolteacher for Paiute Springs



Corporeal Mental
Deftness 3d4 Cognition 3d8
Nimbleness 3d6 Knowledge 3d12
Strength 3d4 Mien 3d10
Quickness 3d6 Smarts 3d6
Vigor 3d6 Spirit 3d6


Scrutinize 3d8
Academia: Literature 3d12
Academia: Grammar 3d12
Academia: Mathematics 3d12
Language: Latin 3d12
Leadership 3d10
Overawe 3d10
Persuasion 3d10
Performin’: Speechifyin’ 3d10
Tale Tellin’ 3d10

Hindrances & Edges

Hindrances Edges
Tin-Horn 2
Squeamish 3

Derived Traits

Pace: 6
Size: 6
Wind: 12

Shootin’ Irons & Such

Weapon Shots Speed ROF Range Damage

Hand-to-Hand Weapons

Weapon Defense Speed Damage
Fist 1 STR




Miss Crane is a young woman, just out of school, and returned to Paiute Springs to teach, having grown up there. Miss Crane is a highly educated and a little on the scandalous side—she sometimes wears trousers when she works the flower beds around the schoolhouse. She is a kind mistress and patient with the children. Her family has passed on—she was only child and her mother and father died during the Simpkins Terror. Miss Crane lives at Mamie McDaniel’s boarding house.

Imogene Crane

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