Harland Desdemona

Confederate Captain



Corporeal Mental
D 3d10 C 3d8
N 3d8 K 3d8
Q 3d6 M 3d10
St 3d6 Sm 3d8
V 3d6 Sp 1d6


Artillery 4d8 Scrutinize 3d8 Search 3d8
Trackin’ 3d8 Shootin’:Pistol, Rifle, Carbine 4d10 Throwin’ 2d10
Area Knowledge 2d8 Demolition 3d8 Professional:Soldier 3d8
Animal Wranglin 2d10 Leadership 3d10 Overawe 3d10
Climbin’ 2d8 Fightin’:Brawlin’ 4d8 Horse Ridin’ 4d8
Sneak 3d8 Teamster 2d8 Bluff 2d8
Survival:Desert 3d8 Guts 2d6

Derived Traits

Pace: 8 Size: 6 Wind 12

Hindrances & Edges

Cautious Brave
Enemy (Union) Level-Headed
Obligation (Confederacy)


Army Pistol (.44)
Spencer Carbine (.45)
Hidden credentials


Desdemona is a Captain with the Confederate forces. He is originally a volunteer from Tennessee who is now in command of a squad from the installation at Roswell, New Mexico. He is a staunch military man who does his duty regardless of politics. He is a good man at heart who would probably be appalled at the knowledge of some of the goings on behind the scenes at Roswell.

Harland Desdemona

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