Gerde Annike Beck

Der Kinderfresser ("The Child-Eater")



Corporeal Mental
Deftness 3d12 Cognition 3d8
Nimbleness 3d10 Knowledge 2d8
Quickness 3d10 Mien 3d12
Strength 4d12 Smarts 2d8
Vigor 3d10 Spirit 2d8


Scrutinize 2d8
Search 4d8
Trackin’ 4d8
Language: English 2d8
Language: German 3d8
Trade: Cook 3d8
Medicine: General 3d8
Overawe 3d12
Fightin’:Brawlin’ 3d10
Sneak 3d10
Bluff 3d8
Guts 3d8

Derived Traits

Pace: 10 Size: 6
Wind: 22 Terror: 9 (Hag form)

Hindrances & Edges

Greedy Thick-Skinned


Claws: STR+d4 (only in Hag form)

Bite: STR+d6 (jaw unhinges for BIIIIIIG BIIITE!) [only in Hag form]

Vulnerability: Silver weapons inflict additional die of damage. Holy or consecrated weapons do double dice worth of damage (if 3d6, do 6d6, etc.)

Change Form: (Speed 1) Takes an action to change form. Change from “human” to “hag” or vice versa



Gerde Annike Beck is really a child-eating ogre. She has set up a camp on the outskirts of town, near the mining camps, but away from the carnival, where she plans to lure children and have a long-awaited feast.

In German folklore, she is the “Child-Eater”, a literal child-eating monster. She unhinges her jaw and devours small children. What brings her to Paiute Springs, Nevada is a mystery.

Gerde Annike Beck

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