Felix Stampf (aka "Fiddler")

Confederate Spy and Information Broker



D 3d8; N 3d10; Q 3d8; St 3d6; V 3d8
C 3d8; K 3d6; M 3d10; Sm 3d12; Sp 3d6


Artillery 2d8 Scrutinize 4d8 Search 4d8
Trackin’ 4d8 Shootin’: Pistols, Rifles 3d8 Demolition 5d6
Disguise 5d6 Professional:Spy 4d6 Overawe 4d10
Persuasion 3d10 Performin’: Acting, Fiddlin’ 4d10 Climbin’ 3d10
Dodge 3d10 Drivin’:Steam Wagon 3d10 Fightin’:Brawlin, Knife 5d10
Horse Ridin’ 3d10 Sneak 4d10 Swimmin’ 2d10
Bluff 4d12 Streetwise 4d12 Scroungin’ 3d12
Guts 3d6

Derived Traits

Pace: 10 Size: 6 Wind: 14

Hindrances & Edges

Obligation (Confederacy) Keen
The Voice (threatening)


Peacemaker (3d6); Bowie Knife; Derringer (3d6); Garrote


“Fiddler” is a feared and talented Confederate spy and information broker that works throughout the South and the disputed territories. He is currently in Nevada with a sweet contact placed within Fort 51.

He is a formidable opponent with a knife or in hand-to-hand combat. He is also just cold as ice and ready to do anything for the Southern Cause—or the Cause of Saving Fiddler’s Hide.

Felix Stampf (aka "Fiddler")

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