Dr. Thaddeus Roberts

Turncoat Scientist



D:3d6 N:2d6 S:3d4 Q:2d6 V:3d6
C:2d6, K:3d10, M:2d6, Sm:3d8, Sp: 2d6

Derived Traits

Pace 6; Size 6; Wind 12


Shootin’: flamethrower 3d6 shootin’: automatics 2d6 dodge 2d6
drivin’: steam wagon 3d6 Artillery 2d6 science: engineering 4d10
science:chemistry 2d10 bluff 3d8 tinkerin’ 4d8

Hindrances & Edges

Bad Luck Arcane Background: Mad Scientist
Big Britches


Gatling pistol (Shots 12; ROF 3; Range 10; Damage: 3d6)


Roberts is a petty man dissatisfied with his place in the world. He actually has a knack for inventing, but his poor luck has prevented him from capitalizing on his gift. Rather than learn from his mistakes, however, he’d rather blame everyone around him for his woes.

It has been recently revealed that Roberts was colluding with either the Confederates or with the Black River rail line to sabotage the fort and leave it vulnerable to attack. He is currently being held on charges of treason and is being shipped to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Dr. Thaddeus Roberts

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