"Doc" Glenn Fabry

Doctor practicing in Paiute Springs



Corporeal Mental
Deftness 3d6 Cognition 3d6
Nimbleness 3d8 Knowledge 3d10
Strength 3d6 Mien 3d6
Quickness 3d4 Smarts 3d4
Vigor 3d6 Spirit 3d6


Scrutinize 3d6
Medicine: General 3d10
Medicine: Surgery 3d10
Language: Latin 3d10
Persuasion 3d6
Guts 3d6
Teamster 3d8

Hindrances & Edges

Hindrances Edges
Night Terrors 5 Keen 3
Pacifist 5 Brave 2
Dinero 1

Derived Traits

Pace: 8
Size: 6
Wind: 12

Shootin’ Irons & Such

Weapon Shots Speed ROF Range Damage

Hand-to-Hand Weapons

Weapon Defense Speed Damage
Fist 1 STR


Medical kit


Doctor Glenn Fabry makes his practice on the bottom floor (he also doubles as the town dentist), and makes his home on the upper floor of a modest home on Main Street.

Doc Fabry is a widower, having lost his wife to consumption some seven years past. He has a daughter, Ginny, who moved to Carson City with her new husband, Thomas, shortly before that. He lives alone and generally likes it that way. He has an assistant, a Paiute girl who calls herself Abigail or “Abby”.

"Doc" Glenn Fabry

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