Corporal Joe Whitetail

Informant at Fort Clark


Rifle 4d6/4d8
Tomahawk 3d8/3d8+1d6

Dodge 2d8
Tomahawk 3


Being half-Indian has made life in the US Army difficult for Whitetail, but his duties at Fort Clark have not forced him to do anything which might hurt his people. In trying to help them, though, he hurt himself.

Whitetail discovered that Sgt. McElroy had a secret still up in the hills outside the fort. He was brewing whiskey and selling it to the local Indian tribes.

The corporal reported this to the colonel, who acted on the information. McNerlin sent a squad up into the hills to smash the still and busted McElroy from Master Sergeant back to Sergeant.

Since that time McElroy has made Whitetail’s life Hell, giving him all the unwanted duties.

Whitetail was later murdered by the “rock creature” that terrorized the camp.

Corporal Joe Whitetail

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