Carlton Hayes

Gambler, Huckster, Lover, Thief



D 3d10; N 4d10; Q 4d12; S 3d6; V 3d6
C 3d10; K 3d8; M 3d8; Sm 3d12; Sp 3d8


Scrutinize 3d10 Search 3d10 Academia: Occult 3d8
Overawe 4d8 Persuasion 4d8 Tale Telllin’ 4d8
Bluff 4d12 Gamblin’ 5d12 Streetwise 4d12
Guts 4d8 Fannin’ 3d10 Filchin’ 3d10
Lockpickin’ 3d10 Shootin’:Pistols 4d10 Sleight o’ Hand 4d10
Speed-Load 4d10 Throwin’:Knives 5d10 Climbin’ 4d10
Dodge 4d10 Fightin’:Brawlin’, Knife 4d10 Horse Ridin’ 4d10
Sneak 4d10 Swimmin’ 3d10 Quick Draw 4d12

Derived Traits

Pace 10 Size 6 Wind 14

Hindrances & Edges

Big Britches Arcane Background: Huckster


Shadow Man 4 Smarts Pair
Soul Blast 4 Spirit Pair
Missed Me! 4 Spirit 2 Pair
Phantom Fingers 4 Spirit Ace
Old Timer 3 Spririt Pair
Looking Glass 4 Cognition 2 Pair


4 Knives


Carlton Hayes is a smooth-talkin’ Georgia gambler who came into Paiute Springs and started trying to show-up the local Huckster and card sharp, Roland Dupre. He also started courting Miss Imogene Crane, the local school teacher.

Turns out, he was actually after an heirloom pocket watch in the possession of Mamie McDaniel. Her late husband, Owen, had won the watch from him in a poker game back in 1862 in Denver. Hayes wanted the watch back. Mamie refused. So he up and snuck into the house in middle of the night and stole it and tried to get away.

Lila Kimsey formed a posse right away and chased the sidewinder down. He put up a fight—cut Lila across the face with a knife even, but he was brought in nevertheless.

Then he managed to get a hold of keys to his cell from across the room (no one knows how) and subdue Deputy Jennings. The varmint tried to get away again, but was stopped by Geraldine Keeler and Roland Dupre.

He’s currently being held, awaiting trail and a tin horn lawyer from Virginia City. He is generally held with arms in manacles behind his back, at Geraldine’s suggestion. This seems to have cut down on the strange incidents.

After his lawyer made it to town, Judge Perryman tried the case and Carlton was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in prison. He has since been remanded to the custody of Nevada State Penitentiary in Carson City

The Watch

The Hayes pocket watch is an heirloom; gold, filigreed, and hand-made. It has a small engraving on the inside of the clasp that says “Hayes 1720”. It is also unusual in that it’s face goes to 13 instead of 12.

As of yet, no one has discovered the significance of the watch other than it being a family heirloom of Carlton’s.

Carlton Hayes

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