Bud Robbins

Scout and Roundabout



Pistol 3d10/3d6
Rifle 5d10/4d10
Knife 4d8/3d8+1d6


Dodge 3d8; Knife 4


Robbins is a local settler who hired himself out to the garrison as a scout. He refused to actually join the army. McNerlin normally wouldn’t stand for this, but Robbins has proved invaluable.

If Robbins wasn’t so useful, the colonel would have thrown his carcass out for the crows long before. Bud is a lecher, a drunk, and a braggart, but charming in a larger-than-life sort of way. He has spent the last month recovering from the wound he received while on patrol with Elbert (this is why he wasn’t with the ambushed patrol). He spends his days getting drunk at the trading post on his own private stash of whiskey.

Bud has a Sharps Big .50, a peacemaker, and a large hunting knife which he is fond of twirling while he talks.

Bud was recently murdered by the “rock creature” who terrorized the camp.

Bud Robbins

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