Barnabas Henley

Mad Scientist and "Land Surveyor"



D 3d8; N 2d6; Q 2d6; S 3d4; V 3d6
C 3d10; K 4d12; M 3d8; Sm 3d10; Sp 3d8


Scrutinize 3d10 Search 3d10 Demolition 3d12
Language: Latin 3d12 Science: Engineering 5d12 Overawe 4d8
Persuasion 3d8 Bluff 3d10 Tinkerin’ 5d10
Guts 4d8 Shootin’:Gatlings 4d8 Drivin’:Steam Wagon 3d6
Fightin’:Brawlin’ 3d6 Fightin’:Sabre 4d6 Sneak 4d6

Derived Traits

Pace 6 Size 6 Wind 14

Hindrances & Edges

Loco (Paranoid) Arcane Background: Mad Scientist
Greedy Mechanically Inclined


Gatling Pistol


Dr. Barnabas Henley was a mad scientist from Virginia City with a slightly shady reputation who signed on with a mysterious “Herr B” to terrorize miners in Paiute Springs, Nevada with a floating “Reaper” automaton. He was stopped by Geraldine Keeler, Roland Dupre, and Town Marshal Lila Kimsey. But before he could testify, and possibly reveal the identity of “Herr B”, he was assassinated by Jace Chalmers, a rifleman out of Pioche. According to court testimony by Chalmers, he was hired by a Conrad Stoles in Pioche. The case against Henley, and the identity of “Herr B,” never appeared in court documents as a result.

Barnabas Henley

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