Amy Kyle

Wife of Lt. Colonel Jay Kyle




D:2d8, N:3d10, S:2d6, Q:4d8, V:2d6
C:4d10, K:4d8, M:3d10, Sm:2d12, Sp:4d6


Shootin’: pistol 3d6 sneak 4d10 climbin’ 2d10
Art: dance 3d10 language: French 3d8 scrutinize 3d10
persuasion 4d10 bluff 3d12 streetwise 2d12
guts 1d6

Derived Traits

Pace:10 Size: 5 Wind: 12

Hindrances & Edges

Scrawny Purty
Stubborn The Voice (soothing)
Vengeful Keen
Yearnin’ (return to Virginia) Friends in high places 3
Unnatural appetite


5 years

Harrowed Powers

Claws 2, death mask 5, jinx 4, sicken 1, spider 2


Derringer (3d6), poisoned hat pin


Amy Kyle is the epitome of a Southern belle mixed with an officer’s wife—gracious, an excellent conversationalist, and the center of the post’s hospitality. Unfortunately, since 1872, this lovely exterior covers a diabolic manitou that exists to wreak havoc on those stationed at this remote post.

The fort has been plagued with a series of accidents since its founding. Recently, they seem to have become more deadly. Eddington and Kyle have blamed many of them on the high operational tempo the organization is forced to work under, but a more sinister force is at work. The reason for the lab accidents, suicides, and occasional desertions is none other than Lieutenant Colonel Kyle’s wife, Amy. A few months after joining her husband at Fort 51, she was taken ill with a fever and almost died, only to miraculously recover. In actuality, she did die and returned Harrowed. The manitou allows her to strike back for her beloved South, taking revenge on her husband for dragging her away from the balls and cotillions Back East for this dusty outpost.

Amy Kyle

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